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We do not want our LDS women to be silent partners or limited partners in that eternal assignment! Please be a contributing and full partner. The ancient Hebrew household was definitely an educational institution in which parents gave practical and religious instruction to children.

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Ideally, as equals before God, deeply devoted and in love with each other, husband and wife shared together one voice in the training of their children. To honor parents involves showing affection and caring for them, highly prizing them see Prov. Spiritual education was a family-centered responsibility in ancient Israel. The counsel from modern prophets is much the same.

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Elder James E. Devotion to God in the home seems to forge the spiritual moorings and stability that can help the family cope.

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Does this mean that, when we honor our parents, we will be favored with long life? Surely most people are aware of respectful young children who have passed on. The Israelite nation fell into Babylonian captivity because of many spiritual deficiencies, including the fact that children were dishonoring parents.

See Ezek. Clearly ancient Hebrew parents were expected to set and enforce limits for their children as well as, to mold their characters.

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Parents were admonished to teach virtues such as respect for the aged, avoidance of boasting and gluttony, simplicity, hospitality, truthfulness, hard work, and obedience. Though their life was hard, families of ancient Israel were prepared for their crises by discipline tempered with affection. Perhaps it is even more important in our time that religious and character education be a family-centered responsibility. Prayer, scripture study, testimony, work ethics, self-discipline, and loyalty to generations of family become the heritage of children reared in families where this responsibility is recognized.

Families at one point in ancient Israel were tent-dwellers living in groups of kin who protected and sustained each other against the harshness of weather, climate, and hostile nonfamily groups. The Israelites had a self-sustaining economic system in which individuals relied primarily on the extended family for necessities of life.

Children associated on a daily basis with their grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins.

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Individuals were absorbed into the family of three and sometimes more generations of forebears and associated relatives. Children were expected to be loyal to their extended family and to honor not only their immediate biological parents but also their generations of ancestral parents. The word cleavage is much used by geologists, biologists, and writers of celebrity gossip.

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