Guide Homeopathy for Rheumatoid Arthritis: What Homeopathic Remedies to Use

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The team now plans to conduct more research into identifying which elements of the consultation process are most beneficial and if homeopathy is a cost effective treatment. The principle states that a disease can be cured by a substance that produces similar symptoms in healthy people.

Most analyses have concluded that there is little evidence to support homeopathy as an effective treatment for any specific condition; although, some studies have reported positive findings. There are challenges in studying homeopathy and controversies regarding the field. This is largely because a number of its key concepts are not consistent with the current understanding of science, particularly chemistry and physics.

There is limited research on the safety of homeopathic treatments. Tell your health care providers about any complementary and alternative practices you use. Give them a full picture of all you do to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe care. Nov 10, Nov 1, Oct 25, Oct 16, Oct 9, Oct 6, Sep 29, Sep 25, Sep 20, Mobile No. Thank you for taking 1st step towards positive health. Our health consultant will contact you shortly. Book an appointment Need medical help?

Book now. Locate now. Can you plz. I have also nerves pain particularly in feet. Regards Surender Kaushal. I have knee pain left side and left side leg. I am 45years old ledy. Dr Sharma, thank you the very helpful site. I have slight swelling and pain beginning in one finger joint and it seems that Caulophyllum may be the best remedy, but may I ask what strength? Having severe pain in left elbow wrist and fingers all swollen. I am 70 years old.

I have oa in knee. I feel sewling on uper part of patella. Now I am 30 year old. I am an IT professional. Suffering this pain while sitting on the chair as well as when go to bed and take rest. I usually take blooume 3. Please suggest. Also if I sit for a very long time I feel pain in my ankle when I stand.

My weight is 47kg and height is cm I awaited for your reply. Sharma I want to ask for ur best medicine for my left frozen shoulder? When pain some more then some pain in left chest upper right portion with some palpitation. But when i do exercise or little hot massage then i feel some gas and feel some relax… Say medicine. Thanx dr. During the pas 3 days I am suffering from whole body joints pain with high fever,as per doctor suggestions it is a symptom of polyarthritis,he gave me pain killers,antibiotics,tablet to reduce fever ask me to wait for 5 days..

Now I feel better but I cannot continue the allopathic medicine for long term. Dr,my wife 40 years old she has been suffering from arthritis several years. Please advise which homeopathy medicine she should take. My son is He had a history of ulcerative colitis when he was six, but no visible symptoms of UC at present. What could be the possible reasons of this severe leg pain?

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Please suggest?? What homeopathy would you suggest for me? I have Ra for at least 15 years pain in all the joints very uncomfortable. Gudmrning , iam 38yrs old female. DMARD drugs also used. My fingers are swollen,my palm is also has swelling and pain. In July my uric acid level was 7. Now uric acid is 4. I took homeopathic medicines from a doctor but could not get relief. At present I am taking allopathy medicines. Please help me. I found a lot of useful info so far on this website. That only problem is there is no dosage.

That would be so much easier. I suffer horribly today with these illnesses. I have morning stiffness, I hurt everywhere, everyday with severe multiple joints, muscles and skin pain. I also have herniated discs in my neck and back with nerve damage at these locations.

I take Methotrexate, plaqenil, cymbalta, prednisone, flexeril, folic acid, etc.

rheumatoid arthritis! homeopathic medicine for rheumatoid arthritis explain??

After sitting, sleeping I get the intense stiffness and pain, however, when walking more than 15 minutes, be at housework or shopping I suffer with even worse inflammation and pain and when I woke up in the morning. I feel like my body is very brittle and if I fail my bones were just shatter. Please let me know any homeopathic remedies you think that would be beneficial to me.

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I currently take in addition to those prescribe medicines listed above, Digesta Cure, Nutri 02, Curcumin, prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins n B 12, D3, and Fish oil. These are all gluten-free as I have celiac disease as well for the past seven years. On climbing on stairs, I feel some pain. But cracking sound is always when I sit.. This is occurring since last two years.

In my left leg ankle, there is pain when I get up in the morning.. Also, after some time of inactivity, I feel pain in ankle.. If I walk for more than 10 minutes or more than 1 Km, I feel much pain in left ankle.. After applying some massage, It feels better. This is occurring since last one year. Please suggest me some medicine. It will be a great help from you.

Thank you Sir. I am using diabetes-related medicine. I am having knee pain after using this medicines. Please suggest me medicine for my knee pain. I will sit six to seven hours in my office. I am 56 age. Actually there knee stiffness hip pain and I am not walking properly due to pain. I am having back bone pain also. Please suggest suitable medicine in homeo for immediate relief. Pvmspratapa Sastry. My rh-factor is not positive… My doctor is not saying anything but I m suffering with immense pain in my knee elbow and hips..

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my finger joints and my wrist joints. I am on sulfasalazine and naproxen. Sir My self BN Shukla Last 1 year i am suffring from ankle joint heavy pain swelling stifness and can not. My son age was 2 yrs when he have first left knees pain have fluid joint locking we gone through all test for arthritis. But all report are negative. This all happen three to four time. Now he is 11 year same problem start but now in left elbow but all report are negative.

Please suggest us what to do. Both legs are swollen…feet…toes…swelling of ankle joints…pain radiates to the limbs…limbs become stiff…cannot fold knees….. Sir I have stiff joint pain in the mornings. Ankle in left leg is swollen and painful for almost a year. Hello Dr Sharma My mother suffering was last two years Ra positive arthritis please give me advise.

I am 54 yrs old male, last month I was attacked with viral fever. After its cure, i developed severe pain mostly in toe, palm joints. I consulted my physical who said it may be after effect of the viral fever. As advised, i took Ornacortil mg for 5 days and my pain gone totally. But slowly it returned within next 3 days. Now he has prescribed HCQS 20, twice daily after meal for 3 months. But I am scared of HCQS as on earlier occassion 18 years ago, after taking quinine, my eyes were severely affected and I got double vision. So I want to shift to homeopathy.

After reading your article I think Rhus To will be suitable for e. But what will be the power and dose? Shall I take Rhus To every 3 hours. Is there any ointment to apply externally? Kindly suggest. I am 29 years old married woman. In I had pain in my left knee and then migrating pain all over my joints. But five years back my RA became positive. Right now my both elbows and both wrists are in lot of pain and restricted movements since 2 years.

No other joint is in pain. I had been in methotraxate and other drugs few year back. But after being pregnant I stopped all medication. I have a baby of 9 months old. I have severe pain in right elbow and morning stiffness in elbows and wrists. Pls suggest me homeopathy medicines. I have lost 12 kg weight in these 2 years. Hello Dr, I am 60yrs old female and have been suffering from RA since last 4month. I had a terrible cold followed by cough in January this year which lasted for almost 6month.

I was given a few courses of antibiotics and then steroids. Finally I was asked to take inhalers which helped to control the cough. By this time extreme pain started in my wrist,toes and them the arms. Was sent for Ra blood test which came up at I have been on salfasalazine E N and pain killers since sept. Very nice to read d article. Very effective. Sir my age is I am suffering rheumatoid arthritis for d last 5 years.

Latest report of RA factor is Stiffness in whole body too much. While closing finger too much pain. But after early morning toilet I feel 60 percent relief. If I sit anywhere more than half an hour while getting up I feel problem. Also feel noise tak tak in my wrist,ankle etc. I feel also better When I drink a glass of lemon water. Kindly suggest medicine. Can I take one clove of garlic early in d morning empty stomach with d medicine u will suggest. Very nice to read the article. Thanks a lot.

Guide me which medicine should i take , climbing up and down the stairs gives unbearable pain in my knees more in the right knee. W alking more than one km is also difficult for me due to knee pain. Please reply. Can you help tell me what I should take and what results I could expect for my Talonavicular arthritis. By bones click painfully as I walk and is worse weight bearing. He said the gel in between the bones had gone and nothing would bring it back.

Do you think this is a good mix or can you recommend anything to get my gel or cartlidge to Re grow. I am patient of arthritis last 23 years. I am using alopathic medicine. The pains move on from one joint to another and it collectively attacks joints together. I have recently started taking R Will it work? Kindly suggest what to do or hownmay I start treatment with you?

Good Morning Dr. Sharma I have pain in knee joint, ankle, and swelling in ankle joint particularly right foot. The pain starts 6 months before with my left-hand elbow that now reaches up to the arms of both hands and the foots. My uric acid is 7. Kindly suggest as I dont want to start allopathic medicine. Have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Both my knees affected. Now my shoulders, elbows and wrists and fingers are affected alternatively. Since December. I feel stiffness with pain in waist , knee, and ankle while changing sitting position to rising and vice versa.

Take both hands support on the ground while rising. What medicine will be beneficial? What type of diet is advised? I suffer from RA. Methotrexate and NSAIDS keep it in control but there are serious side-effects and they raise the blood pressure to very high levels. Do homeopathic medicines for RA also raise blood pressure?

Age 56, lean body, non alcoholic, non smoker. Tried various meds but no relief. My knee ,toes have deformed. Sharma I am 55 years old. I had rheumatic fever 20 years ago. I have sinuses and got operated my tonsils a few years ago. For homeopathic diagnostic, every thing starts from my right side like my right nostril, right side of throat, joint pain in right foot first, right knee etc. Sharia My wife,aged 64 yrs, has been suffering from Rheumatic Arthrities in knee joints for last 2 yrs.

I have tried ayurvedic, allopathic medicines but no relief in pain in sight. Of late she has been taking Homeo medicine pansitilla 1 mg combined with physiotherapy for last 2 months but no remarkable improvement at sight. Kindly suggest proper medicine for relief of pain so that she can move and walk. NG Chanda. As painkiller she takes Voveran 50mg BD. She had bilateral swelling and acute pain in both knee besides lot of weakness and lack of energy which is not reducing for over a month now. Can you recommend some Homopathic treatment for her if this work.

Kind regards Siddharth Paramhans. I am 55 year old male, average body, neither fat nor skinny, like sweet and salt more or less equally, perhaps salty things a shade better.

As a child, had a hot constitution, felt hot all the time. Now, in my 50s, feel more affected by cold and my feet usually remain colder than the rest of the body. Have recently been diagnosed with underactive thyroid. And I get headaches triggered by cold that impact my sinuses. I am reaching out to you for suggestion on two of my ailments where I have had no effective remedy. However, what really bothers me is my right thumb, around trapezium, or, I would say, in between the metacarpal and trapezium.

I understand the synovial fluids have dissipated. I feel piercing pain and I am not able to do much activity that requires me to put pressure with my thumb. It is just a small coughing action that my body makes me do. There is no phlegm. Sometimes this flares up every few years , and I cough more vigorously for a few months together without relief. And then it goes away on its own.

Have had numerous tests and prescriptions for asthma medications such as inhalers, puffers and pills, but without noticeable avail. Just wondering if you would be willing to spare your precious time to offer me some homeopathic advice. The arthritis is on all my joints. My hands, wrists and right knee are the ones that cause me more problems. Do you think I can get better with homeopathy? I am 40 years old. I am a patient of AS. I have continuos inflammation in all large joints.

HLA B27 is positive. Can I get homeo treatment. What is the medicine and dodges. I am a female age 40 years. Is this is condition of RA. If yes, what best treatment is available? Whether II should adopt homeopathic treatment or allopathic. Sir, guide me please. I am male, 65 years. Suffering from RA since 15 years. Under allopathic treatment for it. Knee joints, shoulders, left elbow and wrist affected. Sometimes pain is severe. My mother had Polymyalgia Rheumatica in her arm and shoulders. The doctor is afraid it will go up her neck into her head.

She is on Prednisone again since June. What should she take in place of Prednisone? Hello Doctor Initially I was suffering with ankle pain, now in addition my finger joints started paining. I am in worry as my maternal grand mom and my maternal aunt and my mom, suffered this problem.

I believe in homeopathic medicines. Not able to consume allopathic. Can I get recover by only taking homeopathic treatment. I am 40 yrs old. RA factor is I am ikram, age 48, male , I am suffering in joint pains and sweling in fingers of both honds,wrists, time to time, pain shifted from one hand to other hand. RA fecter tes is positive due to this problem facing a lot of difficulty in performing my day to day activities.

Uric acid is also near about Local Dr says that these symptom are called arthritis. Kindly help me for treatment. I have painful nodes in all small toes of both feet. Please suggest medicines. I am suffering from pain in my right elbow joint for the last six months and now the pain has started in my left elbow as well. Because of this I lose grip in my hands too. There are occasional pains in my different finger joints. I am a diabetic and also suffer from high blood pressure. Please suggest me the best treatment for the same. I am suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Almost all my joints are very painful especially the knees.

When I wake up in the morning pain starts until after. Sir lm suffering from rheumatism from one year after l fall down while walking and got hurt inmyright knee joint:now even l have severe pain in my right knee joint and could nt sit properly for pain and my right foot also get swelling so please suggest what medicine should i take. RA fecter tesT is positive due to this problem facing a lot of difficulty in performing my day to day activities. Kindly help me for treatment and advice homeopathic medicine. I m 30years old. I m suffering from knee pain from one year just after my second delivery.

Test for R.

Pain increases till night after walking and standing. My hemoglobin is 9 which never increases. Doctors told me this may be a reason. Dear sir, I am shamim. Age 30 years. I feel pain like many bee or insect bite in my leg. The pain upwards to the leg and spread all the leg. It is very unbearable for me. Dr Sir. I am 31 years old. I have been diagonised with Rheumatoid Arthritis since 1year back. I tried Allopathic medicines which I come to know are merely steroids so I switch to Ayurvedic Medicines with no relief. My RA factor is and is facing a lot of difficulty in performing my day to day activities.

I feel a lot of pain in my limbs especially in the morning and often in thighs and back, difficultt in sitting down in washroom,walk with limping,weight loss of 15kg in a year from 60 kg to 45 kg,difficulty in holding utensils. I reuest you to please guide me for the treatment. I have pain in my knee joints. I am used to morning walks of 5 km. What can relieve my pain. I do not take any Alopathic medicines at all. Rheumatiod problem. Fingers swallon sime time. How to take it.

How many times in a day to take it Or any other medicine. Please guide me how to start medication. What potency. My pain worsens at night time and mainly in shoulders. Respected sir, Please suggest me some homeo pathy medicine for my mother ,that she is 70 and she is suffering from joint pains of knee now she is felling sevier pain mainly during sleeping,she is taking homeo med from a doctor but it is not getting any result. So kindly suggest some medicine which i can buy myself from the market and use.

My mother age 52, weight 68 is suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis from past 4- 6 years, her knee is recently replaced on 12th june Can homeopathy treatment helps to control this disease. Hello doctor, my daughter is suffering with rheumatoid arthritis since last two years,actually when she was four years biopsy was done, it showed lupus nephritis, the immune system has affected her kidney, they are weak, kindly guide what homeopathy medicine I can give.

I am suffering from ra for 6 month. Finger,hip,waist,foot ,knee etc suffer from pain. Suggest medicine. Dr Dharma,I appreciate your solutions on homeopathy remedies for RA diseases. But what remedy is recommended for an obsessed patient with RA of knee ,hip and ankle joints. My right elbow is stiff sInce 2 months and unable to have my food. I have pain in my right leg which stared from lower back and hip which goes in knee and whole leg front and back side and out side. This pain started few months before and has increased now. I feel very uneasy as I sit and at night too. Three days before shoulder pain has started.

There is stiffness on right side. I have cervical and backache problem. I am suffering from rheumatoid arthritis from two years. My CRP is 11 and l am suffering from shifting pain large and small both l suffering from gastric also Please suggest me which medicine is suitable for me.

Iam suffering with osteoarthritis and also excess weight and hypothyroidism. Due to loss of cartilage some deformity has come in legs. Now osteoarthritis is in advanced stage. Drs says for knee replacement surgery. My age is 70 years. Please advise me suitably in the matter. What homeopathic medicine should be taken to get relief and to save me from surgery for which i am not prepared and much afraid. Sharma I am ra positive in blood reports. I am Dayani and suffering from joint stiffness and stiffness in fingers.

I met a homeopath and he gave me Rush tox 6c, 12X and 18X. But sill I am not cured. Yesterday he recommended me nut mur 12X.

Patients with Arthritis May Benefit from Homeopathy Consultations

But no improvement any how. Could you pls recommend me a good treatment. My husband was diagnosed with RA at the age of He took Methotrexate and Prednisone for years. His RA has slowly advanced. He is turning 40 shortly and has been on Xeljanz and Prednisone for about 2. He moved to Xeljanz when the Methotrexate regiment stopped controlling his pain and symptoms and Embrel did nothing for him. He has already replaced one knee due to RA with the other knee not far behind and one of his shoulders is looking like it will be up for replacement after that.

Both his wrists are weak and sore most of the time and he has frequent flare-ups in his fingers, toes and sometimes his neck and back. The Xeljanz is still working, but I fear that the RA is slowly becoming stronger. I am hoping I can add homeopathic treatment s to what he is currently doing that will help with his pain management and augment the longevity of the Xeljanz. I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts and recommendations on this. My hands become numb and hard while sleeping, particularly right hand. Moreover, my right portion of body feel heavier.

Earlier there was pain in right knee and right elbow which subsided with time. I take alcohol thrice a week. I am suffering from calpol tunnel syndrome. Very recent I am feeling pain in my joints like as my right elbow, in left heel and just behind right toe. In morning when I left bed the pain is seviour. Recent I have examined Uric Acid and found 6 normal range 3. Is it for Uric Acid or Gout, please suggest me. In this condition can I take homeopathy medicine if yes please let me know the name of medicine and help a poor like me.

Thanking you. Iam suffering from to much pains in left thigh,and right lower leg and inner parks that kidney. My age is Recently i am suffering with RA.

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I have tested Anti-CCP and the result is as 7. Is it possible to cure permanently. I am in teaching field. So it is very big problem for me to stand for a long time. I have problem in knees only. Please give me a good suggestion. Respected Sir, My father had a stroke five months ago and it affected badly to his right side limb including right hand, leg and face.

I am waiting for your response.