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Godard followed this with Made in U. George Peppard is a traditional private detective in P. The blaxploitation B-movie industry adopted the standard private detective format for several action-mysteries such as Trouble Man , Black Eye , Sheba, Baby starring Pam Grier , and Velvet Smooth Brick , written and directed by Rian Johnson , is a unique homage bordering on parody which brings the terse, slang-filled dialog of Raymond Chandler to a modern-day California high school where a teenage sleuth investigates a murder connected to a drug ring.

The Parallax View is the first murder mystery structured around political assassinations and high-level conspiracies in America. In the s amnesia stories had a resurgence in the mystery-thriller genre. Here the protagonist loses his pre-existing memories after some mental or physical trauma and embarks on a quest to recover his identity. At the same time he finds himself at the center of a mysterious conspiracy involving murder, espionage, or both.

Concurrently, the hero-gets-amnesia story became a frequently used television cliche see TV Tropes. There were two series, the western A Man Called Shenandoah — , and the contemporary drama Coronet Blue filmed , broadcast , both about a man with no memories. Numerous crime-dramas, adventure shows, and comedies featured episodes in which the lead character has temporary amnesia.

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By the end of the s, this now shop-worn plot device became dormant once again until resurfacing in a spate of mystery thrillers in the s see the Psychological thriller section below. In Italy, a new type of controversial horror-based thriller called the Giallo film which began in the s became a popular and influential genre by the early s. Films in this category range from police procedurals to gothic horror. The stories tend to center around a series of grisly murder sequences with shocking grand guignol style gore, sometimes mixed with sadistic eroticism the victims often being beautiful women.

The Giallo style has had an enduring influence on horror films in general as well as the subgenre slasher and splatter films that would soon follow. One mystery film stands out in a category by itself. Michelangelo Antonioni 's provocative Blowup is a unique anti-whodunit symbolizing the aimless hedonism of the s. A swinging London photographer uncovers clues to a murder, but solving the crime is rendered irrelevant in a society where no one really cares.

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He sacrifices the woman he's fallen for, not because he was fond of Archer he wasn't , but because it's the right thing to do. Electra Glide in Blue is another rare example of a murder-mystery plot used as a vehicle for a story concerning greater issues. In this case, disillusionment and the death of dreams and idealism in a world full of immorality.

Since the mids, only a handful of films with private detectives have been produced. Raymond Chandler's original Philip Marlowe short stories from the '30s which he later expanded into novels were adapted by the HBO cable network into eleven one-hour episodes for cable television. Films with female detectives have not fared well.

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Kathleen Turner as private eye V. Warshawski , was to be the start of a new franchise based on the book series by Sara Paretsky , but the film was a box-office failure. Plans to turn the Honey West novels into a film have been in and out of development for over a decade with no film in sight.

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Since , ten films based on the ever-popular novels of Agatha Christie have been released. Christie herself became the subject of a mystery film in 's Agatha starring Vanessa Redgrave. The film was a fictional speculation on her famous day disappearance in Complex murder mysteries related to military men began with Crossfire The political thriller involving murder, cover-ups, and high-level conspiracies is represented by such films as JFK , Murder at , Enemy of the State , State of Play , and Madras Cafe In the s and early s, many horror films and thrillers started to blend mystery and suspense into stories centered around clever, sociopathic serial killers or various mysterious supernatural occurrences.

The film Zodiac is an account of the real hunt for a serial killer in the San Francisco area in the lates and early s. The French period-piece film Brotherhood of the Wolf examines a series of killings that took place in France in the 18th century. In many modern day mystery films, everyday characters such as fathers, mothers, teens, business people, etc.

Kenneth Branagh 's highly stylized Dead Again pays homage to Hitchcock and Orson Welles in a complex story of amnesia, hypnosis, and reincarnation. There are also science fiction thrillers such as Total Recall , remade in , and Paycheck which center around technology-induced memory loss. Period-piece L.

Confidential which was nominated for nine Academy Awards and won two. Hollywoodland explores the mysterious death of actor George Reeves , who is portrayed by Ben Affleck. Among the few nostalgia-based comedy-mysteries are the board game-inspired Clue , set in , and Radioland Murders , which recreates the era of old-time radio programs and pays homage to s screwball comedies. Larry Blamire 's Dark and Stormy Night , set in , spoofs the cliched characters and plot elements of vintage "old dark house" murder mysteries. Lime Banded Box. Book Qty: Secondary Schools. Papercuts II - Readers Pack.

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