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The next morning I rolled from my slumber and looked at my phone.

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I said it. I told her I loved her. Happens all the time, right? I got dressed […]. We laid there for the next several minutes silent.

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We were spent. She spoke up and said how amazing it was.

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It truly was. I held on to her for dear life. She rolls me over onto my back, and takes possession of my breasts. She kneads, fondles, gropes, caresses, licks and sucks both of them. Giving each one meticulous and ample attention. My hands reach for her head. In my state I try my damnedest to give her the same scalp massage she had given me. That next day, I worked a half day.

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Was out of my office by lunch in case Tina wanted to meet up. Phoning her up, she invited me to drop by her place. I […]. Next couple of weeks were uneventful.

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Work, home, activities, laundry, bills, sleep; routine stuff. I text her back I will call once back into my office.

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When the meeting was over, […]. In addition, if explicit language and sexual situations offend you, this anthology is not for you. It contains very clear and explicit descriptions of reluctant sex, first lesbian sex, lesbian seduction, and more.

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The other four stories are listed below. Jenny was incredible, though, and with her hands and her mouth and her beautiful green eyes she made my first lesbian experience absolutely transcendent. It all boiled over one evening into a fight but how we made up amazed me. Before I knew it we were sleeping together. I had my first lesbian experience, and it happened with my best friend, and she was kind of rough!

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It was almost like before college, a slumber party filled with giggling girls and gossip and fun with my new dorm mate and our three new neighbors. It was fun and even a little bit exciting, and the best part was that I learned they were all like me. We were all eighteen and filled with hope, excitement, and more. Looking for more? Rhythm A girl lusts over a dancer who then invites her backstage for some lesbian love in this flash fiction. Two best friends find themselves alone and horny while their boyfriends are at the football game… Kiss Me An attractive nerdy girl on the train, nervous glances and heavy anticipation in this cute little first time lesbian erotica.

Boots Wendy plans a night of kink with her girlfriend Rochelle in this lesbian short. The full book is now available on Amazon.

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