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Eros and Sexuality: A Century of Coercion, Control, and Emancipation

On the way out of the temple, Xena hears the shouts of Gabrielle and Joxer, who have been captured and tied up by Draco's men. As Xena cuts their bonds to set them free, Gabrielle is hit by one of Bliss' arrows and instantly falls in love with Joxer. To his credit, Joxer responds with caution, confused by Gabrielle's sudden change of heart.

Xena, on the other hand, is openly astounded and dismayed by her friend's newly professed love for the bumbling Joxer. In the meantime, Draco comes up with a devilishly simple plan to lure the Virgins back to the temple — he simply rings the temple bell.

Eros and Sexuality: A Century of Coercion, Control, and Emancipation

Xena and Gabrielle arrive there to see the returning women being captured by Draco's men. But just as Draco threatens Xena with his sword, he is struck by one of Bliss' arrows and turns to see Gabrielle angrily advancing on him. Still the object of Xena's affections, Draco now falls in love with Gabrielle.

A furious battle ensues when Gabrielle rejects him and Xena moves in to protect the Virgins.

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She gathers the women inside the temple and bolts the door before realizing that Joxer has slipped outside. When Gabrielle sees that Joxer has been captured by Draco, she rushes outside and is taken captive herself. Back at Draco's camp, Gabrielle manages to elude the warlord's amorous advances while Xena sneaks in to free Joxer. Believing that Cupid must be behind everyone's love troubles, Xena sends Joxer off to find him.

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She then rescues Gabrielle and they head back to the temple. When Draco arrives, he threatens to torch the building with everyone inside unless Xena surrenders the Virgins and Gabrielle. In a surprise move, Xena throws the doors of the temple open, having already orchestrated a devious plan to stop the sale of the Virgins to Pinullus. She has secretly written to the slaver under Draco's name, informing him that an Amazon Princess has been added to their deal.

When Pinullus arrives and Draco refuses to give up Gabrielle, who is now dressed in her magnificent Amazon costume, he is convinced he's been double-crossed and engages Draco in battle. Eros Urban Boy Sticker.

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Eros and Sexuality: A Century of Coercion, Control, and Emancipation

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