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Select the right tactics for the enemy you face and you will soon be on a path towards supremacy of the post-World War Z world. Watch on as your well trained men drive tanks to target and slay your foes before claiming their territory and expanding your empire. Research cutting edge technology to beat the epidemic and stay one step ahead!

As the summer heats up, humanity is counting on you to rise up and return order after the disaster of apocalypse! Begin rebuilding your city and using your expertise in this free mmorpg and begin the hunt to restore world unity and peace! Reviews Review Policy.

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Ember Entertainment. The World is in Ruins! Battle Zombies! Form Alliances! Rebuild Civilization!

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Zombie Siege: Last Civilization. Resist Zombie Invasions and rebuild civilization. Last Empire - War Z: Strategy. War of Nations: PvP Conflict.

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PopReach Incorporated. Command and conquer enemy bases! Adventure Code. Start your journey to conquer Haze of War!

More by Mountain Lion. Empire:Rome Rising.

Mountain Lion. When the dead rise from their graves to feast upon the living, who will be your best ally? The Boy Scouts-vs. The advent of an undead apocalypse , as reliable groups like the U. And that's exactly what the boys in the tan shirts learn.

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That's what the Scouts learn in the movie, and that's what you need most during any emergency, Mogk said. Zombie societies and fictional Scouts aside, some very sober experts have taken the idea of zombie survival at least semiseriously. Last year, a U. The so-called CONPLAN document describes the military's response to reanimated threats, from "pathogenic" to "evil magic" zombies.

German Soldiers of World War II

Lest you think the military has succumbed to dark magic or lunacy , the plan did not seriously predict zombies, but rather served as "a training tool used in an in-house training exercise," Maj. Matthew Miller, public affairs action officer at the U. Strategic Command, told Live Science in an email. Zombies served as a safe hypothetical case, since realistic scenarios might alarm the public, the document states. The phases range from "Shape," which includes "general zombie awareness training," to "Dominate," which calls for "bomber and missile strikes against targeted sources of zombie infection.

The document also lays out the proper hierarchy of command: With the president and secretary of defense at the top, military officials will "provide support to federal, state and tribal agencies' efforts to restore basic services in zombie-related disaster areas.

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Not to be out-planned, in May the CDC published its own zombie-preparedness guide. The agency doesn't foresee a plague of Walkers, either, but instead aimed to teach general emergency preparedness to the public.